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Sunnylife Pharma,Inc.

In Vitro Biology 
Our scientists have deep understanding and broad
expertise in drug discovery research.  We have strength
and experience in following areas:

Cloning and subcloning
- Vector design and construction including siRNA
expression vector, recombinant viral vectors
(adenovirus, baculovirus, retrovirus, etc.)
- Plasmid preparation
- Mutagenesis
- Virus production including adenovirus,  
 baculovirus, retrovirus
Protein expression in a variety of systems
- E.coli
- Yeast
- Mammalian cells
- Baculovirus
Biochemical assay development
- Kinase
- Phosphatase
- Enzyme
Cell-based assay development for GPCR targets
- Stable cell line generation and characterization
- Calcium mobilization using FLIPR tetra
- Gene reporter assays
In Vitro Biology Capability

Our biologists have many years of  drug discovery experience in a
variety of therapeutic areas including neuroscience, asthma, obesity,
diabetes, HCV, and cardiovascular diseases.  We are capable of:

Target identification and validation

Biochemical and cell-based assay development

High-throughput screening

SAR studies and lead optimization