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Sunnylife Pharma,Inc.

Founded by a group of veteran Merck
scientists in 2012, Sunnylife Pharma Inc.
strives to make ITS mark by addressing
unmet medical needs to help patients cope
with various diseases. Teamed up with other
scientists from the industry, academia  and
our partners around the globe, we are
determined to make drug discovery:



Our Business

Located in Purdue Research Park near the Indianapolis
International Airport, Sunnylife Pharma, Inc. carries out drug
discovery research. Working closely with our partner in China and
other parts of the world, we undergo research in metabolic
disorders, CNS diseases, cancer, and other diseases that
present a serious threat to the human health. Our approach is to
focus on a small number of projects at any given time to deliver
high quality preclinical candidates with a high probability of
success in becoming a commercialized drug.